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About Us

It was 20 years ago today... (well, not quite)

Cousins Chris and Steve originally formed the Moon Loungers back at the start of 2006. Having attempted in vain to conquer the world of music as original artists, they had finally decided life as a covers band might not be so bad after all.

The duo quickly became established on the wedding scene across the South West, the combination of accomplished musicianship and a polite, customer-focused attitude (a rare blend!) proving popular with clients, venues and other wedding industry suppliers alike.

In 2007 the virtuoso talents of Stu the drummer were secured, providing the Moon Loungers with the power and versatility required to deliver an outstanding evening package in addition to the more daytime-suited acoustic duo.  Greg has more recently been introduced to the line-up, providing high quality drumming back up for Stu as well as offering us a great option for smaller, lower key gigs.

Over the years we've played at over 600 weddings and events, taking in more than 100 different venues across the region.  During this time we've also established a successful YouTube channel, not to mention releasing over 10 albums! When we aren't playing live we are always busy in the studio recording new material - the show must go on, as they say...


steve groves bristol wedding bandSteve plays bass while simultaneously singing lead vocals for the Moon Loungers. He also strums a guitar as part of the acoustic duo.

In addition to putting together the live set lists, Steve looks after the disco playlists - keeping everyone up dancing when the boys aren’t playing live (and turning down requests for anything too rubbish).

Steve is a Beatles obsessive, reflected in his ownership of no less than three McCartney-esque violin basses. Ask him any obscure Fab Four question and prepare to be disappointed by how nerdy he is!


Chris Parker the Moon LoungersChris plays lead guitar for the Moon Loungers, combining solid rhythm playing with some mean guitar solos.

Amidst all this axe-wielding he also adds harmonies and even sings lead on the odd occasion when he is allowed!  And let's not forget the occasional between-song witticisms to keep everyone amused.

Chris’ musical love is Led Zeppelin (in particular the legendary Jimmy Page) and he has also been influenced in recent years by legendary two-fingered gypsy jazz hero Django Reinhardt.


Stu Englefield the Moon LoungersAs if being a virtuoso drummer wasn’t enough, Stu also brings to the Moon Loungers a powerhouse voice - perfect for those rockier evening band numbers.

When he isn’t singing lead, Stu completes the band’s rich vocal sound with his trademark high harmonies.  And when the boys aren’t playing music, he keeps them amused with some uncanny impersonations (Ken Bruce, Tom Jones, Mick Jagger, Gary Barlow, you name it...).

Stu loves the music of the 80s, with Squeeze and Level 42 (yes, Level 42) particular favourites. Musos will be delighted to hear he has a fine collection of snare drums!


greg white bristol wedding band the moon loungers drummerGreg steps in on the drums when Stu is unavailable, and also offers a softer style which works really well in smaller venues and rooms with harsh acoustics. 

And if your venue has a sound limiter (a device that cuts out the power to the band/DJ when they get too loud) then don’t worry; Greg is adept at keeping our volume level under control!

Greg is a professional drummer who spends his days teaching drums, recording drums, practicing drumming and mulling over which drum kit to buy next…