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A Thousand Subscribers Later...

moon loungers youtube bristol wedding bandYes, we've hit another milestone with our 1000th YouTube subscriber coming on board last month! 

Our YouTube channel was set up way back in 2009 and was ticking over quite modestly until last year, when we made a couple of changes to our approach - namely (a) vastly improving the quality of our videos (basically selling our Flip cameras and buying some grown up Digital SLRs), and (b) starting to record brand new songs, hot off the press.

The combination of these two factors took the channel to another level, and we now hit 2,000 views a day - with subscribers and comments coming in from around the world. Our cover of Atlas by Coldplay (which featured in the Hunger Games film Catching Fire) alone has clocked up almost 70,000 views - blimey!

After adding a new video every week during 2013 (which turned out to be quite intense) we've taken a break so far this year.  But fear not, there is more to come from our YouTube channel in 2014 - so if you haven't already subscribed, you know what to do.